YouTube unveils ‘Multiview’ plans to let you watch several videos at once

Josh Taylor
YouTube Multiview feature

A ‘Multiview’ feature is coming to YouTube as it looks to enhance the viewing experience for its users allowing more than one thing to be viewed at the same time on one screen.

Since its introduction to the internet in 2005, YouTube has come a long way since being just a video upload website. It has grown to be one of the world’s biggest companies with reported active users of 2.56 billion in Q1 of 2022 according to Semrush, as the media titan continues to evolve.

The Google-owned media powerhouse has offered many services amongst under its YouTube brand predominantly for Videos, Music, Gaming, Livestreams, and TV

They have looked to build on its growing TV service capability, through a new feature that they have titled ‘YouTube Multiview’.

YouTube reveals plans for ‘multiview’ capability

According to their CEO Neal Mohan, the idea is to use Multiview to open up to four different screens inside YouTube TV to watch multiple things at once. 

This has come about due to them wanting to enhance their watching experience mainly for sports after acquiring significant streaming rights most notably for the NFL. Multivew would therefore allow users not to miss games by watching multiple NFL games at once for example. 

Sadly the feature has not been made available to everyone, as they continue to develop and test the feature, however, some lucky users have got to try Multiview through the YouTube TV app for viewing WNBA basketball and NFL games.

A release date for the full launch of YouTube Multiview is yet to be announced.

Fans react to YouTube’s new Multiview feature

As news has broken regarding the new addition coming to the platform, fans of the service have shared their views.

Many have pointed towards the culture change over the past few years, due to the growing popularity of short-form content. 

“This is CLEARLY for the currently degrading attention spam our species is suffering through right now,” one user said.

A key example is the rise of TikTok which is centered around the consumption of videos that are only typically a few seconds long but are highly addictive.

“I genuinely worry about this like what if I can’t sit through a 3 hour movie someday.” another worrying commentor wrote.

Many users were excited about what they are able to watch at the same time: “Now I can have subways surfers and MrBeast at the same time.”

As further details are revealed it will be intriguing to see how people make best use of the multi-screen capabilities.

Netflix has also announced they are venturing into gaming, as they release their first games that playable in select countries.

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