YouTube streamer roasts Twitch stars Pokimane and Alinity for "thottery" - Dexerto

YouTube streamer roasts Twitch stars Pokimane and Alinity for “thottery”

Published: 20/Mar/2019 20:53 Updated: 20/Mar/2019 20:58

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamers Alinity Divine and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys are no strangers to harsh comments – but one YouTuber went all out on the two during a heated broadcast.

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YouTube streamer ‘Sicilian Andy’ went on a binge of Twitch’s ‘Just Chatting’ category in late March, resulting in a toked-up tirade against Twitch stars like Pokimane, Alinity, and even LegendaryLea.

Andy began by taking shots at Pokimane, mockingly calling her a “beautiful angel” and a “thot” before turning to Alinity.

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“Oh Alinity, the biggest thot of all!” Andy yelled. “‘Can we copy strike this guy?’ I’m such a [expletive]” he continued, referencing her highly controversial copy strike of YouTuber PewDiePie’s ‘eye-tracking’ video in May of 2018 (for using the term ‘Twitch thot,’ no less).


The YouTuber went on to target Twitch streamer LegendaryLea shortly thereafter, insulting her appearance and mocking her photos on Twitter.

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“‘I’m a real thot, oh yeah,’” Andy said. “What the fuck is wrong with you? You need to show more titties if you want viewers. You look like a 38-year-old alcoholic who fled from her abusive husband and is now in a safe house.”

Andy went on to blame his rant on the joint he was smoking during the stream, jokingly telling himself to “stop it.”

Pokimane, TwitterWhile Pokimane received mass backlash for streaming without makeup, she released her own eyeshadow palette in collaboration with brand Winky Lux in late March.[ad name=”article4″]

This isn’t the first time streamers Alinity and Pokimane have undergone serious abuse; following Pokimane’s no-makeup stream in October 2018, she was hit with a wave of critical comments, hitting back at the haters with a positive Tweet despite the outrageous backlash.


Neither Pokimane nor Alinity have spoken out on the YouTuber’s comments thus far.