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Entertainment • May 14, 2018

Twitch Streamer Alinity Copyright Strikes PewDiePie for Calling Her a Twitch Thot


The world’s most subscribed YouTuber was threatened with a copyright strike by a Twitch streamer who didn't like what he said about her.

PewDiePie’s YouTube channel boasts over 62 million subs, making him the runaway leader on the video sharing platform and as a result is under constant scrutiny for whatever he uploads.


Following a smear campaign in 2017 that claimed he was racist for making Nazi jokes, PewDiePie has said he’s struggled to make much money from adverts on his videos, including saying he makes more selling merch.

This latest incident won't help things after a Twitch streamer known for her low cut tops reportedly copyright striked his latest video for insulting her.

Alinity is originally from Colombia but lives in Canada and has been streaming full time since 2012.

Although she originally started out streaming games such as WoW, she’s moved into the IRL section of Twitch and has had her fair share of controversial moments, including claiming girls only cheat because they’re missing something in a relationship.

Her latest faux pas is claiming live on stream that she’s wanted to copyright strike PewDiePie for calling her a ‘Twitch Thot’ in one of his videos, which is a common insult for streamers who people believe exploit their body for views.

PewDiePie was testing out eye tracking technology for his video on May 12th, and claimed on multiple occasions that he wouldn’t look at the cleavage of ‘Twitch Thots’ because that’s exactly what they want you to do.

This appears to have upset Alinity in the Twitch clip that has since been viewed over 500,000 times.

“Seriously? He just said that? I’m going to copyright strike this guy. Just for that word. I’m going to copy strike him.”

She can be then heard shouting into the background as she leaves her seat and stream.

“Yo! Can we copyright PewDiePie’s latest video? Like right now? He called us Twitch thot’s. Can we copyright strike him right now? Copy strike PewDiePie’s latest video”


As you’d expect there was a number of keen viewers who wanted to get in on the copyright strike action, including Alinity’s top donator of Bits, who suggested that the 2,465 viewers watching should all report the video.


It appears to have worked in some aspect too, because PewDiePie Tweeted out that the ‘demonetized meme is strong today’ and advised that he had someone on the case to get it resolved.

At the time of writing the situation looks to be resolved with adverts featuring throughout the ten minute video. View the full thing below.

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MisterBear 2 points • 3 months ago

Hey Mike, you should really update this article, as you are clearly misquoting Alinity. You cant use quotes and then change what is in between the quotes to make it seem as if someone says something they didnt. She never once uses the term ‘copyright’ in

Motleycruefreak666 1 point • 3 months ago

Pewdiepie calling some one a twitch thot was directed to the females who are half dressed while playing games for views why else would they do it. Because they want attention which is what a thot is a woman who uses her body for attention. It really doesn

Iced03 0 points • 3 months ago

Well that is a very THOT thing to do, get all pissy when someone calls you out on the things you do and then cry about it. Not only that, you get your little cuck slaves to flag the video for you as well.

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