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TimTheTatman amazes young Fortnite fan with astounding donation

Published: 3/Apr/2019 21:07 Updated: 4/Apr/2019 14:17

by Eli Becht


Twitch streamer Fortnite during his April 3 stream when he came across a young fan by the name of Brady, who Tim surprised by offering to buy a brand new PC.

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During his stream on April 3, Tim was playing random Duos in Fortnite with an alt account called TTV.rush3r when he came across a young fan named Brady, who went by bradyzlol in in-game.

The two played a couple of games together and Brady even mentioned how viewers came over from Tim’s chat to Brady’s to donate him money randomly, and it sounded like Tim was going to chip in some extra money for Brady to perhaps get a new PC.


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“I’m gonna wanna talk to your dad in like DMs to help you get a new computer,” Tim said. “You’re a good kid, here’s the thing too, you’re a really nice kid. You’re very respectful. I think you got like $500 there, so maybe we can get you a $1000 computer or something like that.” 

Tim has played with many random players in Fortnite before but it seems safe to say none of them has made the impression Brady has on him.

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At the end of all of his streams, Tim will go through the Twitch directory and find a small streamer before hosting them with his tens of thousands of viewers. 


While Tim didn’t host Brady after this stream, he still received loads of thank yous and praise from him in a Twitter video.

In Brady’s video thanking Tim for offering to get him a PC, he offered many tearful thank yous and showed a genuine reaction to such a good gesture.

“TimTheTatman, I got into a random duo with him,” Brady said. “He just kept talking, it escalated and it kept getting better and better. It just led to him buying me a new computer.”

Acts of kindness like this on Twitch can be found a lot among the bigger streamers. Most recently, Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar offered to buy a PC for a viewer back in January.


While Twitch can be toxic at times, there are also heartwarming moments like this sprinkled in there.