How to gift in Fortnite: Gifting system back in battle royale for limited time

by Eli Becht


When gifting first came to Fortnite it was only available for a limited time, but Epic Games have brought it back for another go around. Here's how you can gift cosmetics to your friends in Fortnite.


What is gifting in Fortnite?

On April 3, Epic Games decided to enable gifting again in Fortnite, which means players will be able to spend their V-Bucks and purchase cosmetic items as gifts for their friends. 

It's pretty easy to do this in the game but in case you might be in need of a refresher, we have you covered. There are a few steps you'll have to take before you can send gifts though.


How to use Fortnite's gifting system

Gifting is back in Fortnite for a limited time.

Epic Games doesn't want hackers to take advantage of this system by hacking accounts and purchasing gifts with money that isn't there.

To combat this, Epic Games requires all players to have multi-factor authentication enabled on their Fortnite accounts. Here is some other information you should know about gifting as well.

  1. Make sure you have Multi-factor authentication enabled on your account. If you're not sure how to get this setup then check out the instructions here.
  2. You must have been friends with somebody for at least 48 hours before you can send a gift to them.
  3. You will only be able to gift three times within a 24 hour period.
  4. Any gifts that are purchased are NOT refundable.
  5. You can only gift an item that is currently available in the Item Shop.

How to send your friend a gift in Fortnite

Gifting cosmetics from the Item Shop in Fortnite is actually pretty simple. There are a couple of steps but here's all you have to do.

  1. Go purchase an item in the Item Shop
  2. When you are given the option, choose "Buy As A Gift"
  3. Choose what friend you want to send the gift to 
  4. Write a custom message if you'd like to and send it away

The next time your friend logs in there will receive a gift box holding the item you purchased for them.


Gifting is something the community has wanted for a while, so it's curious to see it not become a permanent feature in the game. 

Perhaps this limited time only offer will last longer than it did last time, but Epic hasn't given a definitive end date for the gifting system yet.