Yanet Garcia hits back at ex-boyfriend Censor’s breakup explanation video

Weathercaster Yanet Garcia has uploaded a four-part response to ex-boyfriend and newly-retired Call of Duty pro Doug ‘Censor’ Martin, who claimed that their breakup occurred due to conflicts over revenue from his YouTube channel.

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Her response, which she posted in a series of photos to Instagram, revealed that she had worked hard to become financially independent, and claimed that she did not rely on anyone to help build her now-blossoming career.

She likewise claimed that Censor had wanted to monetize their love by vlogging their relationship, as Censor mentioned in his video explaining their breakup.

“…obviously, my ex-partner has decided to change unconditional love for money,” she wrote, “or monetizing it as social platforms now call it.”

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She then said that she preferred to keep private matters to herself instead of publicising the details of their relationship, and ended her message by stating that matters of the ‘entertainment world’ should not be taken too seriously.

Garcia’s statement lines up with what Censor had mentioned in a recent vlog over the matter, where he claimed that Garcia had expressed concern over his constant vlogging – especially in regards to him buying her a new car.

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However, Censor also claimed that Garcia wanted a cut from the funds he was making from his YouTube vlogs, and stated that he hadn’t been comfortable with that proposition – even if she had been helping increase his views.

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Censor has garnered ample criticism for his breakup with Yanet, which he originally claimed was to pursue competitive Call of Duty. Censor has since retired from competitive gaming to pursue full-time content creation.