xQc tricked into roasting his own ‘low level’ chess match

xQc cleans roomTwitch: xQc

Felix xQc’ Lengyel was playing a rank guessing game on stream and was fooled into roasting his own gameplay before he realized what was going on.

xQC’s journey in the chess world has been an entertaining one. Whether it’s been him making a massive blunder in front of GM Hikaru Nakamura or oversleeping for his match at Ludwig’s Chessboxing event in 2022, there have been memorable moments across the board.

This self-own joins the list of his very best though, as he thoroughly criticized a mystery player and gave them a 100-599 Chess Rating guess, before realizing it was his own gameplay he was critiquing.

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xQc unknowingly roasted his own Chess gameplay on stream

Twitch’s fifth most followed streamer wasn’t kind when overlooking the footage of the match that was chosen for him to review. It didn’t take long for his confusion over the player’s moves to become apparent.

After submitting his answer, which rated the gameplay at the lowest possible set range of ratings, he was shocked to see that the answer was actually 947, good enough for the third tier. “Nope, I don’t agree. He missed a free piece.”

He clicked on to the next match, but chat caught the irony right away, and they roasted him for the mistake he had made. It still took a moment for Lengyel to realize what was going on but he flipped out in response.

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“It was me?” he asked before screaming and clicking the linked match to verify what his community already knew was true.

It seems like no matter what xQc does in the game of chess, he just can’t catch a break from getting memed by his own community.