xQc tells viewers not to sub to him – and buy Twitch Turbo instead

xQc hitting out at fans during Twitch streamTwitch: xQc

As viewers and streamers alike complain about the increase of ads on Twitch streams, the platform’s most-watched creator, xQc, has instructed viewers not to subscribe to him – but use the money on Twitch’s Turbo option instead.

Twitch Turbo is nothing new – it’s been available for years. But, it’s never been seen as a particularly popular option, as ads were not a big concern for most viewers, and they could simply subscribe to their favorite streamer instead to get no ads on that channel.

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But, as Twitch is pushing streamers to run more ads, with new incentive deals, they are becoming more and more of a nuisance to viewers hopping between streams. In some cases, viewers are hit with up to 15 consecutive, unskippable ads, while watching a channel.

xQc: Buy Twitch Turbo instead

While reacting to one such instance of 15 ads in a row, xQc gave his take on the drama over increased ad rolls on the platform, with some advice for his viewers.

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“I’m telling you, I don’t give no f**k [about my sub count],” xQc said.

“Instead, get yourself Twitch Turbo. Twitch Turbo is wicked. You have no ads anywhere on the platform when you have it. For the price of two subs, you have a sub on every channel across the platform.”

Spreading such a message to such a large viewer base likely saw a sharp uptick in Turbo subscribers already.

Some Twitch users have also spotted a message on the top bar highlighting that ad-free viewing is available with Turbo.

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However, for most users, it is still rather difficult to actually find the option for Twitch Turbo anywhere on the site. It is only available at the bottom of the ‘General’ drop-down menu.

Turbo costs $8.99 a month, but there is no regional pricing, meaning for some users in certain localities, the price could be much higher than what xQc describes as just the cost of two subs.