xQc shows viewers why he chose video games over a singing career

Meg Bethany Koepp
Twitch: xQcOW / Pixabay

Popular Twitch personality Félix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel sent his viewers into hysterics by showing them his amazing singing voice while playing Twitch Sings during his June 14 broadcast.

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While the Canadian-born streamer is widely known for his amazing Overwatch skills, he livestreams a lot of other types of content on Twitch too.

His June 14 broadcast took a musical turn, as he decided to play a few rounds of karaoke in Twitch Sings – and the results were too funny.

American Idol / Twitch: xQcOW
Canadian Idol, when?
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He wants your love

The first song xQc decided to sing was Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ – an electropop ballad released in 2009. “Rah rah ah ah ah ro-mah ro-mah-mah!” he begins, almost speaking instead of singing, and completely out of time and beat with the song. “Gaga oh-la-la want your bad romance!”

He then continues to sing the lyrics too quickly, obviously unfamiliar with the song, before waiting for the music to catch up. “I want your love. Love, love, love, I want your love!”

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He could shatter glass with his high notes

The streamer then decided to honor Freddie Mercury’s memory with a questionable rendition of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. 

After he smashed the first verse, he continued on into the chorus, shouting the iconic line “MAMAAAAA, OOOOOOH!” with the grandeur of a strangled cat.

“Y’all gotta turn your speakers down, bro!” he laughs, as viewers comment on how loud he was.

“Country roads, take me home”

xQc’s best performance was a cover of John Denver’s ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’ – a song which blew up across the internet, and inspired many memes.

He actually sings the song quite well compared to the other songs he covered, and really got into the spirit. “Almost heaven, West Virginia, Blue Ridge mountains, Shenandoah River,” he starts, before belting the chorus. “Country roads, take me home! To the place I belonggggg!”

His Twitch Sings session was absolutely hilarious – even if he did prove that his esports career was his best decision.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see xQc on Canadian Idol in the future.