Alinity stirs controversy with gratuitous cleavage shot on stream

by Virginia Glaze


Popular Twitch streamer Alinity Divine is no stranger to controversy, after taking a photo of her posterior during a March stream - and now, she’s back at it again, this time with another NSFW moment that has viewers across the net scratching their heads.


While Alinity garnered ample backlash for snapping a photo of her rear three months ago, on this occasion, she gave fans a serious view of her cleavage, as shown during a broadcast in 2017.

Alinity was in the middle of a ‘Just Dance’ stream when she made an attempt to adjust her Xbox Kinect for the game, leading to an encounter that was too close for comfort.


Much like the PS4 camera, the Kinect sits on top of players’ monitors, meaning that Alinity had to stand up and bend over to fix the device - giving her audience quite a show, in the process.

The entire ordeal of readjusting her Kinect took quite a long time, with Alinity admitting that it was “a terrible idea” as she tried to fix the device’s position.

Alinity herself seemed embarrassed by the debacle, claiming that she was “never doing that shit again” through laughter.

Update: A previous version of this article mistakenly stated this clip was from a June 13 stream. It was first broadcast in October, 2017.

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In a more recent controversy, the streamer received a three-day ban from the site in late May, after accidentally showing pornography to her audience.

Although Alinity was effectively “baited” into showing the content, she received a ban for breaching Twitch’s TOS nevertheless, inciting her Twitter tirade denouncing platform shortly thereafter.

“Yo so I'm suspended for THREE days,” Alinity Tweeted of the matter. “Someone hosted me for 1700 viewers, I went to check out the stream to shout them out.. SURPRISE PORN! So hey streamers, trust twitch moderation staff to monitor things and ensure porn doesn't get up to thousands of viewers? Think again!”

Many Twitch users are speaking out against Alinity in wake of Dr Disrespect’s ban from the site, after the two-time streamed inside of a public bathroom at E3.

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Critics are arguing that Alinity has yet to receive harsher punishment for her multiple slip-ups on the platform, while the Doc has received a seemingly indefinite ban for his bathroom blunder - as well as breaking California law.

The Doc has since teased a full video explaining the situation, which has yet to be uploaded as of June 14.

Image Credit: Alinity, Twitch / Freepik