XQc shows off an unorthodox keyboard repair technique

Bill Cooney

Twitch streamer and professional Overwatch Player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel showed viewers an original keyboard repair technique involving a ukulele, some elbow grease and a little luck.

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After finishing a competitive round, teammates tell xQc they can’t hear him over his mic, “Yeah I know, I know, It’s my button,” he responds to his team.

“I gotta fix that button,” xQc told viewers as he grabbed a random ukulele out from under his desk, after inspecting the strings or something on the front – probably to make sure his calibrations are right – he starts pounding away at the problem key.

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“Can you hear me now? Is it working? Is it better?” he asks after the first strike. The streamer then lined up another shot and whacked away again.

After a third strike, it seems like xQc’s microphone button is working again, “Yeah it’s fixed now, it’s actually fixed.” He tells teammates before tossing the ukulele back under the desk.

It almost seems like xQc has had some practice doing this hilarious ‘ukulele keyboard repair’ technique before.

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Next month, xQc will take the stage with the rest of Team Canada for the Overwatch World Cup, no word yet on whether he’ll be bringing the ukulele with him, or if he does, whether it will be allowed into the Blizzard Arena.

It’s pretty unlikely this ukulele method will catch on to be a mainstream, DIY keyboard repair technique, but it is undoubtedly the most xQc way of keyboard repair ever.