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xQc reveals “actual” reason behind Twitch ban during return stream

Published: 4/Mar/2020 4:59 Updated: 14/Apr/2020 12:58

by Andrew Amos


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has made his return to Twitch after his three-day suspension, and while many people suspected it was a clear cut case, the streamer explained there was more to his ban than originally thought.

xQc was taken down from Twitch on February 29, with the platform reportedly citing the streamer was “broadcasting content that focuses on nudity and/or sexually explicit content.”


The streamer did own up to his mistakes after his appeal to get his second conviction wiped from his record was quashed, and apologized to his community for letting them down.


However, on his return stream on March 3, the former Overwatch League star felt the need to explain himself a bit more.

While other streamers have shown nudity on stream and gotten banned, leading to calls of Twitch acting with double standards, xQc explained that there was more to the problem than just a flash of nudity.


“Guys, the actual reason that I got banned ⁠— and I feel like some of you were wrong ⁠— the problem isn’t that I play the game and I showed the b**bies,” he said. “If I just quit the game, we wouldn’t have been banned.


“The problem is that I quit the game and then I browsed other games. I made certain Twitch staff upset that I was browsing other games of similar genre because it made it [seem like] I disregarded ToS and I didn’t give a f**k about it. That’s the real problem.”

While xQc did eventually end up wiping all evidence of the VOD and went offline shortly after the flash, he didn’t do it immediately.


Streamers in the past who have been caught out by content on stream, like Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, have avoided bans for being diligent in wiping the record after accidents. Twitch felt that xQc didn’t uphold the same standard, and took him down for three days as punishment.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines prohibit streamers from showing “sexually explicit content.”

With two suspensions next to his name, there is a likely possibility that one more could land the streamer in serious strife. Twitch operates on a three-strikes policy, meaning that one more Community Guidelines violation could see him taken off the platform permanently.

He’s kept his stream on the straight and narrow during his return, and while he’s not speaking about his ban too much, his fans are just happy to see him going live this soon after.