xQc reports fan to police after being sent “scary” suspicious package

xQc opening fan mail on Twitch streamTwitch: xQc

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had to take a step back from his fan mail unboxing after opening up a “scary” suspicious package full of syringes, before eventually reporting the original sender to the police.

xQc has a PO box set up so his fans from all over the globe can send him gifts, gags, and other goodies for the streamer to open and enjoy. While sometimes they’re jokes, one viewer may have taken it a step too far, leaving the streamer stunned.

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During his February 2 unboxing, the Canadian streamer opened up a yellow letter-sized package, although he didn’t disclose the sender’s identity. After opening it up carefully, he stared at what was inside — a bag of syringes.

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“These are syringes,” he said in shock, before getting up from his chair. “Okay, I’m done. Holy sh*t, what the f**k.”

The streamer took all the precautions possible, throwing the package into the bin and going off stream to wash his hands, before coming back to assess the situation.

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While some questioned whether they were fake syringes, or possibly even syringes to apply thermal paste onto his CPU, like the package described, xQc was not running the risk of getting sick or injured via the sharp objects.

“No, they’re not, they’re real syringes, what the f**k man. That’s f**king scary dude, don’t do sh*t like that. I know that I sound like a fucking p*ssy but that’s f**king ruined… f**k man.”

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He brought in fellow streamer Adept to help him deal with the package, then asked his chat whether he was going to be safe after touching the bag.

“Chat, I hate to ask, but you saw how I opened it right? Like very carefully? Nothing could have happened right? It didn’t poke me, they were hard sealed.

“F**k, my heart’s racing dude. I’m not a p*ssy dude, it’s just weird, that sh*t can be life-threatening. That’s not funny, it’s not even half-funny, not a little bit.

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After calming himself down, xQc told his viewers that he was going to report the sender to police, with the package allegedly having a return-to-sender address on the back. “I’m going to call the police, of course, I’m going to report it,” he said.

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xQc did end up opening the rest of his fan package without another hitch, although the mood was definitely killed by the scary experience earlier on in the stream.

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Most importantly though, the streamer is safe, if a bit shaken by the experience, and he will be a bit more careful with handling what his fans sent him.

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