xQc Receives Permanent Ban from League of Legends

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel can add another game to the list after being banned permanently from League of Legends.

The controversial streamer was playing LoL while serving his temporary ban from Overwatch.

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The ban was for “inflammatory and offensive” in-game communications.

The moment happened live on xQc’s stream.

His ban was accompanied by a message that let him know exactly why that action was being taken.

Because a player-triggered review found your in-game comms extremely inflammatory and offensive, your account’s been permanently suspended.

You are among 0.006% of League players negative enough to be permanently suspended.

Other players have judged your comms to be far below the standard of the League community. The vast majority of players agree that while League’s an intense, competitive game, all players deserve respect on the Rift.

He did not look surprised, or upset, at the ruling.

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xQc is no stranger to bans, having received a 15 day suspension from Overwatch for the same infraction of toxic game chat.

He was also suspended twice from the Overwatch League for offensive behavior in and out of the game, before a mutual agreement with the Dallas Fuel allowed him to leave the OWL to focus on streaming.

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xQc apologized after his suspension from Overwatch, promising to be better.

He has yet to comment on his ban from League of Legends.

Riot Games has a history of banning popular but controversial streamers, including Tyler1.

Tyler1 was perma-banned like xQc, but was allowed to play again after proving that he was “reformed.”