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xQc loses it at Pokelawls for not following simple rules of Guess Who

Published: 6/Feb/2020 6:52

by Andrew Amos


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has flipped tables — over the internet — at ‘Pokelawls’ after he failed to follow some simple rules relating to a game of Guess Who: Twitch Edition, in his mind at least.

Guess Who is a classic tabletop game that relies on players to ask questions with yes-no answers to figure out what character someone has on their mind.


The goal is to figure out the other person’s character before they figure out yours, so asking big sweeping questions to whittle down the field before getting into the nitty gritty is a good strategy.

Twitch: xQc
The Twitch Edition of Guess Who on Tabletop Simulator features some of the platform’s biggest names, including xQc and Pokelawls themselves.

However, Pokelawls gamed the system a little bit by expanding on an answer a bit further than what the game’s rules state, and xQc was having none of it.


xQc had drawn former Team SoloMid star Dyrus as his character, while Pokelawls was trying his best to lead his opponent off the scent of Sodapoppin. Pokelawls did a pretty good job of it, although he did bend the rules a little.

Instead of sticking to questions with strict yes-no answers, he asked some questions that were vague, and gave answers with no real indication of swinging any way at least in xQc’s opinion.


At the end of the game, with Pokelawls being the first to guess, xQc was nowhere near Sodapoppin, having flipped the streamer over half-way through the game, and he was less than impressed.

“Did you fall on your f**king head,” he asked Pokelawls, leaving his opponent semi-confused. xQc reiterated his point, expanding on one particular question. “I said, ‘does your character sometimes wear cleavage, and you said yes.”

Pokelawls retorted by saying “I said ‘one time he did’,” but xQc cut in again to lay down the letter of the law. “It’s a yes-no game,” he screamed. “It’s a yes-no game! F**k, that’s the whole point of the game.”


The winner did point out a flaw in xQc’s logic though when Pokelawls answered the question, he did say “he did,” which should have been a clear indicator for the former Overwatch pro.

xQc playing Tabletop Simulator on Twitch stream
Twitch: xQc
xQc conveyed his anger in classic tabletop fashion by flipping the table at Pokelawls.

“How would a man wear cleavage? It would be a one-time thing, and I said ‘one time he did,’” he said.


xQc was less-than-impressed with Pokelawls’ answer, jumping about in his chair in shock. His anger was too monstrous to put into words, so he did it in the only way possible by flipping the virtual table, spilling the game everywhere.

“I’ve been playing by deduction, I didn’t play ‘smart,’ I played with the rules. It’s a f**king yes-no game,” he yelled. “‘Does your character sometimes wear cleavage?’ Sometimes? You said yes. One-time out of five years is not yes.”

While Pokelawls answers could be considered by some to not be within the spirit of the game, xQc did miss a key detail that allowed his opponent to snatch victory with ease, and he’s only got himself to blame for that.


Richard Hammond reveals his biggest car regret ever

Published: 14/Oct/2020 13:42

by Kieran Bicknell


Richard Hammond is a man that lives life on the edge. Former presenter of Top Gear and now host of The Grand Tour alongside Clarkson and May, Hammond’s car history is a rich and varied list, but it turns out there’s one car in particular that he really regrets selling.

As part of a video for DRIVETRIBE, Richard Hammond – along with Harry Metcalfe – was reunited with his old Ferrari 550 Maranello. What was once a dream car for Hammond turned into one of his biggest regrets, as he explained.


Even as the car pulls into the shot, Hammond is already feeling the pain, exclaiming “I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see it!”

Asked about the first memory that hits him upon seeing the 550 for the first time in years, there was only one answer. “Sadly, I can’t help it… it’s the day I had to get rid of it” said Hammond.


By contrast, Harry (of Harry’s Garage) said his first memory was “the day I bought it” showing the difference between their experiences.

Richard Hammonds Ferrari 550 Maranello
Richard Hammond still has love for his old Ferrari 550 Maranello.

Richard Hammond’s Ferrari 550 Maranello

Hammond reminisces about how he used to park it up, then look back at it and go “is that really mine?” After much discussion about the pros and cons of the 550 as a daily driver, Richard reveals why he had to sell it.

Casting his mind back to Top Gear days, he said after parking up the Ferrari, a colleague pointed out a tiny leak under the car. Unfortunately, since the V12 550 Maranello is so costly to maintain, what ran through his head was “that piece of oil, could signify my utter [financial] ruin!”


Maintenance costs were the least of his issues though, as there were more pressing family matters to attend to. Having moved house from Wales to Buckinghamshire, the Hammond family decided they didn’t like their new home, and moved back to their original Wales house.

Sadly, this meant that Richard owed the landlord of the Buckinghamshire house six months rent, which, in his words, amounted to “what [the 550] was worth… it had to go.”

Revealing he still loves the car, Hammond said “I still love the thing, it has a majesty to it, a might… it’s a beautiful thing!”


Asked if he wants the car left with him instead of going back to auction, his response was “I’m having an extension built at home… do you want to phone my wife? Ugh… I can’t let somebody buy it!”

While it’s unknown if Hammond did buy the car back in the end, he was seemingly conflicted about whether to or not. We imagine if he did end up purchasing the car from the auction, it’s only a matter of time before it’s revealed to the world.