Pokelawls slams people hating on Rainbow Six’s LGBTQ characters

pokelawls next to rainbow six seige operator osaTwitter: pokelawls, Ubisoft

Twitch star Pokelawls has hit back at players flaming games like Rainbow Six for adding LGBTQ+ characters.

While titles like as Apex Legends and Rainbow Six continue to embrace LGBTQ characters within their ecosystem, some players have spoken out against the inclusion of such personas in the gaming sphere.

Ubisoft’s virtual take on Tom Clancy’s iconic series sparked controversy last year with the release of openly gay Operator, Flores, whose sexuality upset some players within the community. Despite this, he was quickly joined by transgender character, Osa, leading to further outrage.

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After watching a TikTok criticizing the developer’s decision to add LGBTQ characters into Rainbow Six, Twitch star Pokelawls has hit back at those who are bothered by representatives of marginalized groups making their way into the fray.

rainbow six seige osa operatorUbisoft
Osa’s biography discusses her struggles with her transition at length.

Pokelawls reacts to Rainbow Six LGBTQ drama

While watching a TikTok discussing the FPS title on stream, the video takes aim at Ubisoft’s decision to include LGBTQ Operators. “Now they give their virtual things pronouns and gender,” reads the post, concluding “don’t make real s**t out of it.”

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“Bro, why you mad about it?” asks Pokelawls. “Here’s the take, okay; yes, this happens a lot. Sometimes, you’ll be doing your thing and, boom, the thing that you do will change something to be more attractive to things that have nothing to do with you, and it’ll bother you because it’s like ‘what does that have to do with me?’

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“Here’s what you should do,” he continues. “Shut the f**k up, and just move on. Talking about it is cringe. It’s okay to be confused ‘why is this in a game, what does it have to do with me,’ that’s okay, that’s part of growing and learning. It’s part of the change that happens where you have to figure out ‘oh, they’re trying to make a group of people happy.’ It shouldn’t affect you at all.

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“If they make a gay character or a character has a gay skin, who gives a f**k! You going to be mad now there’s a gay skin? You can’t play the game anymore? Who gives a f**k?”

He goes on to conclude “you know what? For me, I used to see it sometimes and be like ‘why are they doing that?’ but then you grow and realize, oh s**t, if I was gay I’d be happy. There’s nothing wrong with it, the game isn’t dumb. More people are happy, why are you mad? It’s not worth being mad.”

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Coming into Ubisoft’s new chapter of the Rainbow Six saga, Extraction, it’ll be interesting to see if they continue to include LGBTQ characters in their game. After all, it kind of has ‘rainbow’ in the name, right?