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xQc mind blown after blatant cheater beats him in Overwatch

Published: 30/Jun/2019 12:34

by Connor Bennett


Popular Overwatch ruined by a blatant cheater.

The former Overwatch League professional has become one of the biggest channels on Twitch since making the full-time switch from playing to streaming.

Thousands of viewers, be they subscribers or non-subs, tune in on a daily basis to watch xQc either display those top-level skills in Overwatch or rage at anything else that comes his way. Yet, more often than not, the two things interact and the streamer is left raging at Overwatch and its players.

Robert Paul for Blizzard EntertainmentxQc has played Overwatch at all levels and even turned out for Team Canada at the World Cup.

During his June 29 stream, xQc had been playing games of Overwatch when suspicions were raised about one enemy player during his match on Junkertown. The player, playing under the name ‘Man’, seemed to have remarkably good aim with Tracer – leaving xQc to hunt down clips of them in action.


Watching through the replay of the game, the streamer worked with his viewers to try and figure out if the player had been cheating or not. “Dude! Ok dude. Stop,” xQc roared, waving his hands in dismay after watching the player eliminate him earlier in the match. 

Of course, cheating allegations against another player aren’t something to be taken lightly and more than just one clip is needed as evidence.  

With that in mind, the former Overwatch League pro watched on further before coming to a conclusion. He added: “How is this guy allowed to cheat the entire week? He’s been doing it all week, literally. If this isn’t enough proof I don’t know what will ever be.”


However, while he was frustrated by the cheater, xQc didn’t do anything more about it as he left the game and chose not to report the player.

The former Dallas Fuel star may not have to wait all that long for the cheater to get their comeuppance, however, as Blizzard has seemingly begun testing a new anti-cheating system in the PTR

It just remains to be seen if the developers can weed out cheaters on a regular basis or if there will be exploits that can get around the new system.