xQc shares hilarious reaction to James Charles' streaming fail

by Virginia Glaze
xQc, Pokelawls, James Charles / Twitch


Massively popular YouTuber and makeup mogul James Charles is trying his hand at a different platform, taking to live streaming site Twitch for a broadcast on June 28 - a move that saw an unexpected conclusion, thanks to a slew of toxic viewers.


Charles went live only to find his chat spammed with a multitude of “annoying” emotes, including phallic ASCII art messages and even streamer Mizkif’s “eggers” emote, which he unsuccessfully attempted to ban.

The spam got so intense that Charles Overwatch pro Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.


James Charles, Instagram
James Charles, Instagram
James Charles' first foray into Twitch territory didn't go as planned.


xQc had a hilarious take on the incident, noting that Charles looked ready for a serious “Just Chatting” stream and even calling him a “god,” before bursting out into laughter as Charles went offline due to the spam.

“Dude, he looks ready for some fucking ‘Just Chatting,’ dude,” xQc said of the stream. “He’s all set up. What a god! ...nevermind, nevermind, dude. I didn’t say shit!”


Streamer ‘Pokelawls’ even got in on the action, providing his real-time reactions as he tuned into Charles’ first stream as it was happening, nearly losing his mind over Charles’ response to the phallic images in the chat.

“That was his first experience with Twitch chat!” Pokelawls laughed. “The fucking crooked dicks!”

While Charles has yet to speak out on his Twitch stream as of June 29, this wouldn’t be the first time he’s been met with overwhelming harassment: the YouTuber was also the subject of widespread hate in early May, after beauty YouTuber Tati Westbrook accused him of using his fame to manipulate the sexuality of straight men.

However, Charles later debunked Tati’s claims in a 41-minute-long video, effectively turning the tides of war and winning back his 15 million subscriber milestone in the process.


While Charles has found ample success on YouTube, it looks like his Twitch journey is getting off to a rough start - but that’s nothing a few chat moderators can’t fix, in the meantime.