xQc loses his mind after “degenerate” dog almost kills him in Minecraft


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known for his moments of rage and hilarious outbursts, and even Minecraft was enough to throw the former Overwatch pro into a frenzy.

xQc has experimented with a wide variety of games on his channel in recent weeks, including the Witcher 3, which led to some classic moments thanks to the various cutscenes containing nudity.

He also dedicated an entire stream to attempting to build a new custom gaming PC, however, his viewers were quick to roast him after he forgot to purchase a power supply to turn his brand new rig on. Now, he is trying his hand at Minecraft.

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Blizzard Entertainment xQc left Overwatch following a string of controversial incidents.

The 23-year-old was adventuring on Minecraft, but was left to rue the decision to take his pet wolf along with him on his travels.

After discovering and exploring a sand temple – a hidden structure containing various chests of loot and a whole load of TNT – xQc took care not to trigger an explosion. However, his trusty companion had other ideas.

TWITCH:XQCSand temples contain a high chance of rare items, with the risk of death.

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Despite not standing on the pressure plate himself, the Canadian didn’t destroy it, meaning his wolf stood on the mechanism instead – causing a massive blast which resulted in his death.

xQc couldn’t believe his eyes, labelling his fallen pet a “retard”.

He screamed: “Retard! How is he so dumb?! What a f*cking degenerate dog.”

Despite his initial moments of rage, xQc’s emotions soon transitioned to sadness, after realizing his pet would no longer by navigating the Minecraft landscape with him.

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He constructed a small cross to mark the location of his death, setting the mood by playing some sad music on stream to mourn the passing of ‘Sparky’.

xQc’s dog’s death isn’t currently the most pressing issue Twitch has regarding animals, as popular streamer Alinity Divine is being investigated by authorities over reports of abuse towards her cat.

As xQc’s mishap happened in a virtual world, he shouldn’t be at risk of suffering a similar fate.

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