xQc has very unexpected reaction to nude character in The Witcher 3

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel had a hilarious and excitable reaction to finally seeing one of The Witcher 3’s many NSFW bath scenes, and broadcasting it to his viewers. 

Anyone who tunes into an xQc stream can usually expect to see some sort of screaming or raging at whatever game he’s playing. The former Overwatch League professional has become one of the most popular channels on Twitch doing so.

Yet, with recent streams, he’s opted for a change in pace - trying his hand at NBA 2K and even FIFA 19. However, he's now swapped out the sports titles for some single-player RPG action, with The Witcher 3.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
The former Overwatch League pro made the switch to becoming a streamer after suspensions from the league.

During his July 12 stream, the former Dallas Fuel star was a few hours into The Witcher, when fans informed him that a bath scene was right around the corner thanks to a quest.

“Holy shit! Damn right it’s worth getting a Switch,” he screamed in typical xQc fashion when finally laying his eyes on a pair of breasts. As the NSFW scene unfolded in front of him, the streamer sat back in his chair, almost speechless, before being left disappointed by the witch, Keira Metz, covering herself up. 

But, xQc wasn’t going to be denied there. While the woman may have covered herself up, he immediately began moving around in his screen to try and grab a further peek.

“I can still see it though, the side circle,” he added when the game switched to a look at the woman. “I can still see it.” 

Of course, with this being The Witcher, there is plenty of nudity for xQc to witness - including straight off the bat with one of the first dialogue sequences.

However, the former Overwatch League pro was left disappointed when the game teased him before quickly denying him an early NSFW look at another female character, Yennefer.

The streamer carried on his playthrough for a few more hours before falling to repeated deaths on a further quest and ending his stream for the night .

Thankfully though, for his viewers who were enjoying the change in pace with the game’s he plays, it wasn’t a typical xQc rage quit as he told fans he would be returning to the title at a later date.