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xQc hits the jackpot TWICE with ridiculously lucky CS:GO case openings

Published: 29/Jan/2019 15:08 Updated: 29/Jan/2019 16:02

by Calum Patterson


CS:GO case openings may seem like a thing of the past on Twitch, but if anyone can bring them back into fashion, it would be popular streamer Felix ‘Overwatch player, has been trying his hand at a variety of games, and despite being unbanned from Overwatch, CS:GO is a recurring title on his stream.

CS:GO cases are notoriously difficult to actually win something desirable and valuable from, with odds of less than 1% for some of the rarest items.


The real money values of these items can be astronomical though, with an AWP skin once selling for over $61,000.

This means that streamers trying their luck with these cases can make for some thrilling content – but also resulted in numerous controversies with misleading (to put it mildly) case openings causing Twitch to crack down on the ever-growing phenomenon.


xQc has given it a shot though, and remarkably landed on an extremely rare set of gloves – worth over $200 – on only his second opening.


This was lucky enough, but it didn’t stop there. On a hot streak, Lengyel opened another three cases, before hitting the jackpot yet again on his fourth roll of the dice.

Unlocking yet another pair of very rare gloves, this time valued at $113, xQc had used up enough luck to last most people several years, and captured it all on stream in front of tens of thousands.


The odds for these kind of items are likely in the 0.1 – 0.2% region, so the chances of hitting two in the space of minutes is next to absolute zero – but xQc somehow pulled it off.


Typically, the rare items contained in CS:GO cases are various knives, but xQc had opted for special ‘glove’ cases instead which, as the name suggests, have gloves as the rare items.

A smart gambler, xQc quit while he was ahead, and stopped opening cases shortly after. The money he will make by selling the gloves is negligible compared to what he likely earns from his massively popular streams, but with this kind of luck, the money is extra sweet.