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Archive • Jan 30, 2018

CS:GO Weapon Sells for Staggering Price as Record is Smashed

When does paying for an in-game item that is essentially a combination of pixels on a screen go too far? When that payment knocks you back $61,052.63. That's when. Yes, you read that correctly - a CS:GO weapon skin has sold for over $60,000 in a record breaking transaction on OPSkins following Cloud9's victory at the ELEAGUE Boston Major.

Tarik 'tarik' Celic and his team became the first North American team in the history of CS:GO to win a Major thanks to their epic Grand Final victory over FaZe Clan. The unlikely win and emotional response seems to have sparked new interest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and especially anything to do with Cloud9. Even with the excitement for the game after the Major, few would have predicted that a Cloud9 themed AWP Dragon Lore would sell for $61,052.63 soon afterwards.

But sell it did. The ultra-rare factory new souvenir edition of the AWP came from a drop during the Cloud9 vs. G2 Cobblestone match at PGL Krakow where G2 won in overtime with a score of 19-17. However, the round in which it was dropped was a round where C9's Tyler 'Skadoodle' Latham was the MVP - meaning it is signed by him and worth a huge amount to skin collectors.  

  The transaction is a record breaker on OPSkins, one of the most popular marketplaces for buying and selling in-game items for for the likes of CS:GO and PUBG. It allows users to trade items for real cash, rather than having the money stuck in their steam wallet where it cannot be withdrawn. However, don't expect to be getting a $60,000 pay day any time soon - this souvenir Dragon Lore is one of the only weapons that could ever achieve such a price.