xQc hilariously prepares to defend his stream from an unknown assailant

by Bill Cooney



Somehow Overwatch streamer Felix 'xQc' Lengyel acquired a sword since going back to Canada, and after an intense training session, he's ready to defend his stream from any threat that could come his way.


As the clip begins xQc climbs on his bed with his sword as the Naruto theme song plays and strikes his best anime pose.

The streamer then declares, "I'm ready! My training has ended, I ascend." All while showing off even more of his Canadian sword skills.


We may never know where or how Felix acquired his blade, but he hasn't lost any fingers yet, which is actually pretty impressive, all things considered.

What Felix is defending his stream from remains another mystery, it could be Twitch staff, viewer-submitted clips that violate the TOS, gnomes, or any other one of the countless threats xQc faces daily on stream.


The streamer moved back to Canada from the U.S. last week after his visa for competing in the Overwatch League ran out.

Before leaving, xQc competed in the Overwatch World cup for Team Canada, which ended up getting third place in the tournament.

None of that explains how he got the sword in the first place, though.