xQc freaks out after two huge horror jump-scares in just 40 seconds - Dexerto

xQc freaks out after two huge horror jump-scares in just 40 seconds

Published: 23/Dec/2019 10:55

by Joe Craven


Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel hilariously lost his mind following back to back jump scares, while playing horror game ‘Power Drill Massacre’ on December 22. 

xQc is an ex-Overwatch League professional turned full-time Twitch entertainer, known for his visceral and eccentric reactions to a variety of games. He also frequents the ‘Just Chatting’ category on Twitch, where he delights viewers with his reactions to a host of internet content

Power Drill Massacre is a 2015 survival horror game developed by Pig Farmer Games. Players control a protagonist who crashes their car in the wilderness, and so hikes to the nearest factory. Unfortunately, it turns out to be the home to a serial killer. 


Pig Farmer GamesThe game released back in 2015.

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Just the thought of xQc playing such a bizarre game will excite fans. They got their wish on December 22, when Lengyel decided to try out the indie horror experience. It’s fair to say it didn’t disappoint. 

Lengyel was exploring The Sugar Tunnel, a POI within Power Drill Massacre. It has numerous dead ends and is deliberately designed to be time-consuming to the average player. However, it is also home to back to back jump scares that are obnoxiously loud. 

While some viewers were aware of what was coming, xQc was none the wiser.

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“F*ck man,” xQc said. “My heart exploded.” 

The fun for the Canadian’s audience didn’t stop there though. Upon respawning in to try again, xQc made the same mistake, leading to another incredibly loud jumpscare. 

The Sugar Tunnel is known among Power Drill Massacres as a labyrinth leading to death regularly. If players encounter a “surprise!” message on the wall, they are instantly killed. If they follow the main path they end up in the killer’s main quarters and are instantly killed. 

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A number of his viewers were braced for the jump scare, and found the Canadian’s struggles utterly hilarious. 


It’s fair to say xQc didn’t enjoy the jump scare nearly as much but, to his credit, continued to play Power Drill Massacre for some time.