xQc rediscovers his own “cat-tossing” video following Alinity scandal

Virginia Glaze
xQc, Twitch / Disney

Apex Legends – but she isn’t the only one to have thrown her furry friend during a live broadcast, as Overwatch pro and fellow streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel discovered.

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Alinity stirred up controversy for tossing her pet cat, Milo, out of apparent annoyance, after being interrupted by the feline in the middle of a game – but that wasn’t the only instance of animal mistreatment that viewers noticed from the streamer, who was also caught feeding her cat vodka through a kiss during a previous broadcast.

While Alinity’s cat-tossing scandal was seemingly borne out of frustration, xQc discovered a similar instance from his own stream that was much tamer in comparison – and even a bit heartwarming.

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xQc played the clip during a more recent stream on July 25, which showed him kissing his cat on the nose before gently tossing the pet on his bed, which sat just beside his computer setup.

Lengyel was quick to point out the irony of the clip, jokingly poking fun at his actions in comparison to Alinity’s ongoing scandal.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed, eyes open wide in mock shock. “Oh my god, I actually did it. Dude, I yeeted that bitch. Oh my god. Mods, get on it, dude.”

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Although xQc was able to poke fun at his own cat-throwing clip, he admitted to being surprised that Alinity hadn’t yet been banned for her controversy, claiming that he would keep making jokes at her expense until she has been removed from the platform.

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While Alinity’s account remains active on Twitch in spite of the scandal, a slew of top internet personalities have spoken out against the streamer, including the likes of Pokimane and even Drama Alert’s KEEMSTAR, who claims to have dirt on both Alinity and Twitch staff.

Twitch’s Director of Creator Development, Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham, likewise addressed the issue in a series of Tweets on July 21, writing that he would ban Alinity for 30 days if he had moderation powers – although he clarified that his punishments were merely hypothetical and urged angry fans to “let the Twitch moderation teams do their jobs.”

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Alinity is currently cooperating with investigations by her local SPCA, while fans await an official statement from Twitch regarding her potential punishment.