Twitch’s Creative Director djWHEAT responds to Alinity situation

Twitter: DJWheat/Twitch: Alinity.

Twitch’s Creative Director Marcus ‘djWHEAT’ Graham has weighed in on the ongoing Alinity situation, revealing what he would do if he had the power to make decisions on the live streaming platform. 

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Popular streamer Alinity Devine sparked controversy during her July 18 stream when she was seen tossing her cat across her room. Outraged social media members dug up previous videos of her seemingly mistreating the pet by feeding it vodka and placing stickers over its face, while also accusing her of animal abuse.

A whole host of people from comedian Ricky Gervais, to PETA, and other Twitch streamers have weighed on in the situation – with many calling for Alinity to be punished. While Twitch has yet to put out any comment, djWHEAT – a former StarCraft II personality turned Twitch employee – has given his opinion on the controversy. 

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Twitch: AlinityFans dug up an old Twitch clip of Alinity feeding her cat vodka via a kiss.

During a Twitter thread from July 21, Twitch’s creative director finally responded to calls for him to step up and suspend Alinity’s channel. Considering he can’t do that, he gave his thoughts on the situation regardless.

“As a cat owner, I’m very upset over the recent news,” he started. “I am also someone who does not have moderation powers or enforcement. Just like I can’t fix your subscriptions. I want to see a ban. I do not want to be harassed because you think that’s the right thing to do.”

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While djWHEAT can’t suspend anyone’s account, that didn’t stop him from revealing what he would do if he had any moderation powers.  

The former StarCraft II caster continued: “If it was up to me… I would ban her for at least 30 days. I would ask to see an awareness stream and potential charity drive for pet abuse or pet charities. I would put forth a 90-day probation post-ban with a no-tolerance period (you mess up = ban) & check-ins.”

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Of course, this list of ideas was purely hypothetical and potentially not what Twitch has lined-up for the streamer. 

Regardless, djWHEAT added that the final decision rests with the moderation team and everyone should let them do their jobs. “Just because they don’t tweet you play by play doesn’t mean they aren’t hard at work 24/7,” he concluded. 

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It still remains to be seen if Twitch has something up their sleeve in terms of punishing the streamer publicly. 

While she hasn’t been banned or suspended just yet, Alinity has not streamed since the controversy initially unfolded on July 19.