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xQc bans a viewer from his stream after getting eliminated in CS:GO

Published: 1/Feb/2019 0:48 Updated: 1/Feb/2019 1:01

by Bill Cooney


After a disagreement with a viewer over a CS:GO match didn’t go his way, streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel banned them anyway.

xQc streamed some CS:GO on Wednesday, January 30 and during one match he was eliminated by a player prefiring from the bottom of the T-side Apartment stairs.


Viewers were convinced his opponent prefired up the stairs before xQc was in view and that he “ran” right into it, but the streamer wouldn’t believe it, and threatened to ban one viewer who insisted that’s what happened.

To prove his point, xQc goes back to watch a clip of him being eliminated and ends up finding out the viewer was in fact correct.


Did xQc care? Of course not.

“He prefired, and I did not run a single time,” xQc admitted. “Mods, ban him.”


With xQc it’s simple: his stream, his rules. But whether or not the viewer actually got banned remains unknown.


xQc has been known to threaten plenty of viewers with bans, but rarely follows through unless someone’s violating the Twitch TOS.

Besides getting into it with viewers during CS:GO, xQc also got temporarily kicked after he took out an over-talkative teammate before a round.


It seems like CS:GO either goes Felix’s way or it doesn’t, and his fans will be sure to let him know when it doesn’t.