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xQc allegedly banned from PUBG for ridiculous reason

Published: 24/Jun/2019 14:19 Updated: 24/Jun/2019 14:56

by Connor Bennett


Popular PUBG was quickly closed down, and it looks like he’s been banned from the game. 

The former Overwatch League pro has become one of the most popular members of the Twitch community due to his hilarious streams, which almost always provide a highlight clip of some sort.

While some viewers get their entertainment through xQc himself, others take it upon themselves to negatively affect his stream in a bid to create their own enjoyment.

Blizzard EntertainmentDespite no longer being an Overwatch pro, xQc remains as one of the most popular channels on Twitch.

During his June 23 stream, the Canadian jumped into a number of custom matches of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with his viewers, as he bounced from game to game.


However, that soon came to a crashing halt when xQc finished up his third custom game of Zombies, as he was greeted with a banned message. “You have been banned from PUBG until 2019-06-24, due to unusual game patterns,” read the announcement – leaving xQc confused as to what had happened.

“I can’t play anymore, I legit just got banned,” explained xQc when another game was in the process of being set up.

His partner in crime, Moxy, quickly jumped to the conclusion that players had spammed the report feature on his account in a troll – leading to an automated suspension that would need to be reviewed by a developer.


This theory was also backed up by members of the Livestream Fails and PUBG subreddits, who pointed out that viewers could report him after every kill, even in private lobbies. 

Others stated that he had triggered some sort of warning system, as he killed 13 players in quick succession after he had mowed the majority of the lobby down with a boat.

Of course, xQc wasn’t cheating when he picked up the mega killstreak. It was just his stream snipers lining up to sacrifice themselves to him for a hilarious moment.

The streamer has yet to comment on his suspension, but considering it’s only a 24-hour ban, it’s unlikely that he’ll suffer any serious consequences with the developers and should be able to return without any issues.