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xQc suddenly realizes why he’s so cold on stream with classic outburst

Published: 9/Nov/2019 13:46 Updated: 9/Nov/2019 15:36

by Connor Bennett


Popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel left his viewers with a top highlight clip, as he proceeded to go on another classic outburst after realizing why he was freezing cold on stream. 

Anyone who tunes into an xQc stream, even for a few minutes, is likely to see him rant and rave about something. Be it the price of his Pokemon cards, being unable to complete a level in Modern Warfare, or encountering a problem with Escape from Tarkov, he can lose his mind at any time.

That was no different during his November 7 stream, as the former Overwatch professional complained about the heating in his home, only to have a hilarious moment of realization in front of his thousands of viewers. 


Twitch/xQcxQc will rant about almost anything — and it’s usually pretty hilarious.

During his stream, the popular variety broadcaster had suffered an elimination from a game of Fortnite when he channeled his trademark rage. “Yo, what the f*ck. Guys, my hands are f*cking cold! I’m going to go fix this sh*t because this is unbearable dude.”

However, that prompted xQc to have a hilarious lightbulb moment as he realized why he was actually so cold. “Chat, the heating in America, is supposed to be done by gas right?” he asked before waiting for answers. 

As his chat laughed at him for only just realizing, xQc carried on with his hilarious outburst. “That’s why dude, they cut my gas off because I didn’t pay for it! “F*cking hell man, oh my god. Dude, it said 82 degrees! It said 82 degrees and my hands are frozen,” the popular streamer roared before taking things down a different path in order to find some warmth.


“Dude, I’m going to put them [hands] on my d*ck again, I don’t give a f*ck,” he added as his chat filled up with laughing emotes and spam.

Instead of giving into the low temperature, however, the Canadian carried on with his stream alongside regular duo partner m0xyy. 

Next time though, he may want to consider getting in contact with his gas company and making sure everything in up and running, just so it doesn’t feel like he’s back home when he’s actually in Texas.