xQc stunned by true value of his $500 Pokemon card set

by square1


Pokemon cards after spending $500 on a booster box.

The former Overwatch League pro has become one of the most recognizable faces on Twitch thanks to his incredible moments of rage and unfiltered comments. However, during his May 30 stream, he changed tack and streamed the unboxing of Pokemon cards.

xQc dropped $500 on a brand new Black and White Legendary Treasures Booster set. By buying 36 packs, the streamer was clearly on the hunt for one card that could change the game and net him a healthy profit. Yet, it didn’t really go that way.

Blizzard Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
xQc's rage knows no bounds and he's made a name for himself on Twitch for exactly that.

“Oh guys, this one, DarkRai, is worth a lot. It’s a very, very rare card,” started xQc, clearly excited by his discovery as he dug through his vast pile of cards. “Guys, think about this, it’s full hearts, full foil - it looks nuts.” However, his excitement quickly turned to disappointment.

After finally finding the card on the pricing website, xQc was shocked to discover that it was only valued at $2.47 despite having an incredible look to it. The agony on his face was clear to see as he quickly jotted the price down on his spreadsheet and moved on.

However, it wasn’t all bad news for the streamer as he picked up a few decently priced cards. His best collection came from finding three Mew EX cards - priced at $7.33 each.

It may not have been the jackpot find that xQc may have been expecting, but it showed that his luck wasn’t completely gone and that he had uncovered a nice handful of cards.

Yet, in typical xQc fashion, he struggled to figure out the full price of his collection - raging at Microsoft Excel. He needed the help of his viewers to get to the bottom of the pricing problem.

One fan figured out that his ‘better’ cards were worth a total of $80. “$80? That’s not even that bad!” rejoiced xQc, even though he hadn't made his initial investment back.

Despite not becoming an overnight millionaire, the streamer’s hunt for Pokemon glory won’t end with a single dip into the market. He revealed that he also purchased another couple of boxes of 36 packs that could possibly be worth more.

He’ll be hoping that he doesn’t end up in the hole too much, even if opening up the packs brings back that child-like joy of not knowing what you’re going to get.