Woman splits the internet after asking doorman to open jars for her

Filip Krawanski
Woman hands a jar to her doorman in a foyer of her appratment complex

TikToker Meemshou uploaded a video that went viral in which she asked the doorman of her apartment complex to open a jar for her as users are split on it.

A viral TikTok video from June 6 has quickly garnered over 2.2 million views after @meemshou uploaded a clip about the struggle of a “girl who lives alone.”

The video features a caption that reads “when you’re just a girl who lives alone so you have to ask you doorman to help you open things.”

And the video itself features pretty much just that, as Meemshou makes her way out of the elevator into the foyer of her apartment complex and asks the doorman on shift to open a jar she could not open by herself.

TikTok reacts to a woman who asks doorman to open a jar for her

TikTok users in the comments section were happy about the poster’s special kind of relationship with her doorman and found this “life hack” funny.

“What a cute relationship,” exclaimed one user in the comment section of the video. Followed up by a similar comment that reads: “straight outta a movie.“

Other users were less impressed by the friendliness of the posters doorman and her clever idea to ask him for help with the jar and were more stuck on the fact that she even has a doorman in the first place.

“Step one: be rich enough to afford an apartment with a doorman,” said one such user.

“A doorman? I’m too poor to relate to this post,“ concluded another.

If you don’t have doormen to help you with opening your jar just try asking your neighbors instead. For more viral videos and stories surrounding TikTok, be sure to check out our coverage on Dexerto.

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