Woman sparks TikTok debate after ordering Chipotle while trapped after a flood

TikTok Chipotle order through floodTikTok: juiessssss

A TikToker recently went viral on the app after ordering Chipotle delivery to her house despite the roads being flooded, sparking a debate.

During the spring and summer months, many cities around the US are prone to mass amounts of rain — leaving people trapped in their homes in the process.

A TikToker by the name of Jules recently went viral after uploading a video showing that they were trapped at their house due to a flood… and ordered Chipotle delivery.

Viewers quickly took to the comments to share their thoughts on the video, sparking a debate on whether or not risking another person’s well-being for a burrito was worth it.

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TikToker sparks debate after ordering food while being trapped by a flood

In the days after it was uploaded, Jules’ video received over a million views with over a thousand comments from viewers.

The video is from the POV of her looking outside of the apartment building, and it shows all the rounds leading to it are covered in deep water.

She then shows Jordan, the delivery person wearing swim trunks and goggles, swimming up to their house. This sparked a debate between viewers who were concerned for Jordan’s safety, while others were excited to see such a feat.

One user said: “Nah this better be a joke.”

While another explained that they felt it was inconsiderate: “I truly hope this is a friend, and not through a delivery service. That would be so inconsiderate”

Chipotle Order During flood commentTikTok

On the other end of the spectrum, tons of viewers praised the delivery guy… calling him a “hero.” One user said: “He’s not the hero we deserve but definitely the one that we needed”

The one thing everyone had in common, however, is that they all hoped Jordan received a big tip for going out of his way to make sure people had food.