Woman lands interview after hilarious response to rejection email

SwedishSwan in front of her email with a phone showing the tiktok icon beside herTikTok: SwedishSwan/Unsplash: SolenFeyisa

A TikToker by the name of ‘Swedishswan’ has gone viral on the app after her hilarious response to a rejection email landed her a job interview.

Over the last few years, TikTok has been the home of a wide variety of viral content.

Dance trends, sound clips, and even just interesting videos are among the things that have gained mass popularity on the short form video app.

TikTok user SwedishSwan has gone viral on TikTok after sharing how she responded to an early-morning job rejection email.

SwedishSwan’s job rejection

SwedishSwan uploaded her iconic video in the early morning of July 15. So early, in fact, that she’s still laying in bed, covered up with her blanket.

“I just woke up, and I got another rejection letter from a job I’ve applied for and I really kinda wanted this job,” she explained.

“So, I took a lesson from Gen Z and I sent them back this. ‘Y tho.’ Anyway, it worked because they sent me another email saying they do wanna interview me.”

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At the time of writing, her video has gained over a million views with almost 3,000 comments from viewers sharing their own job experiences.

One user replied: “Maybe it was a test to see who really wanted the job.”

While another commented: “As a recruiter, if someone sent that to me I would ABSOLUTELY want an interview.”

A third user shared a similar story: “Responding to a rejection email was literally how I got my job now.”

SwedishSwan hasn’t revealed when the interview will actually take place, but fans all over the world are anxiously awaiting to see what happens.