Woman goes viral with disgusting revenge against cheating boyfriend

Woman goes viral after hiding shrimp in cheating ex's curtain rodsTikTok: carrieanneburke6

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after leaving a stinky surprise for her ex-boyfriend after finding out he’d cheated on her. She got her revenge though by hiding shrimp in his curtain rods, among other fiendish deeds.

Breakups are hard. And they become even harder to process when finding out your partner has cheated on you. But one TikToker got her stinky revenge and viewers are loving it.

Carrie Anne Burke made sure to get payback from her cheating ex-boyfriend in a unique way – by hiding raw shrimp inside his curtain rods.

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“When he cheats on you, put prawns in his curtain poles,” Carrie captioned the video.

Having received over 1.6 million views in just three days, viewers are loving Carrie’s creative way to get revenge. But this was not the only thing Carrie had done to get her revenge.

He sent flirty messages to other women

In a later video, she explained that she’d caught her ex sending flirty messages to several other women by being away on a work trip. He had then left his iPad with her, which was connected to his phone, which is how Carrie found out.

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“I thought, ‘F**k this. I desire better than that,’ ” she said before explaining what other things she’d done.

“I emptied all the soap out just to take a piss,” Carrie revealed. “I also put [a muscle relaxer] in his roll-on deodorant and we lined the bottom of his boxers with it as well.”

She also cut off the ends of his socks and removed the batteries from all of the remote controls in the house.

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“I was going to piss in his kettle, but he’s got a son, so I couldn’t do that,” Carrie said in the video.

She went on to say that the hidden prawns proved to be her smelliest, most annoying revenge prank.

“His mom was scrubbing his bedroom for months,” said Burke.

She was also shocked to find out that it hadn’t smelt of fish, but that something had been burning.

But in a shocking twist, Carrie claimed that she admitted her bad behavior to her ex months later, saying: “I told him.

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“He chucked his curtain poles away, and that was the end of it, unfortunately.”

Viewers can’t get enough

Since posting the video, Carrie has received thousands of comments, with several of them praising her for what she did.

One person wrote: “My gal!! I put prawns in the gaps in the radiator too and put the heating on ready for him coming home, you’re a girl after my own heart hahaha”

Another said: “This woman needs a reward. Yes yes yesss.”

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“Better then busting out windows baby! No damage no charge,” a third person wrote.

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