Woman fired from job after confronting black fisherman in viral TikTok video

Christy Mathew
woman confronting a black fisherman in a tiktok video

A woman, now identified as Tanya Petty, was caught confronting a black fisherman for no apparent reason. She soon got fired from her job after the video went viral on TikTok. Here’s what happened.

The incident took place in Georgia, which is the home state of the fisherman, @Fishingbay2ga. He recorded a video of the woman confronting him and another woman who accompanied him, asking if they are residents.

Petty added that the lake is for residents only and told him to leave which he calmly responded to while filming. The TikToker talks into the camera explaining how the woman was the third white person to have encountered him while he was fishing.

He revealed that he was asked to leave multiple times after people made the assumption that he was not a resident when he really was. “I’m in my own neighborhood and a white person came and bothered me while I’m fishing,” he says. “This is the third time.”

Tanya asks the fisherman to stop filming her but he says it is within his rights to record her on his phone.

The TikTok, which has over 3 million views, was posted along with the caption, “Black man fishing problem,” as he expressed his frustration. This was not the only time this happened, as the fisherman was seen being approached by a man in another video questioning him again.

Petty’s company fires her after viral TikTok

A YouTube user identified the woman as Tanya Petty, who works as a massage therapist at Sea Glass Therapy, which is a Georgia-based company.

The woman’s profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn were made private after appearing in the YouTube video but her company announced that they have fired her after the TikTok went viral.

The company stated, “Sea Glass Therapy is a place of acceptance, healing, and inclusion of all people regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or background.”

They added their statement on social media, and wrote, “We stand against discrimination of all forms. We have terminated our business relationship with the independent contractor, Tanya, in order to uphold our values and standards. We strive to be a service to our community and do whatever we can to accommodate the needs of it, operating with integrity.”

Sea Glass Therapy also explained that they fired Petty in response to the video. Tanya Petty has not commented on the viral video or on her being fired from her job.