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Why was Savannah Edwards banned from TikTok? Political creator unbanned from platform

Published: 7/Jul/2021 17:10

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


Political TikToker Savannah Edwards hit the headlines this week (July 4) as her account was inexplicably banned. Fans speculated the reason for her “silencing” on Twitter, but who exactly is Savannah Edwards, and why have her comments drawn so much controversy?   

Savannah Edwards is no stranger to scandal. Her politically-driven TikToks have earned her guest spots on Fox News, MSN and Newsweek. Her account, @thisissavvy, became infamous for sparking debate among different communities.

In one video, Savannah challenges a young girl who jokingly tells her followers to get over the events of September 11. “Stop using an event you never experienced as a crutch,” she said. While speaking on generational trauma, she explained “it’s not oppression when you shackle your own feet.”


Savannah also slammed My Name Is Earl star Alyssa Milano for her stance on Black Lives Matter. “You don’t have to be a white supremacist,” she said. “You can do better.”

Savannah Edwards banned from TikTok Savannah has often sparked controversy with her hot takes

Why was Savannah banned from TikTok?

While there’s no definitive answer from TikTok themselves, fans have come together to speculate the actual cause.

“Social media doesn’t like truth (sic) messages that are intelligent,” one user wrote. “She doesn’t fit the stereotype TikTok wants to sell,” said another.

Some fans even sent emails to TikTok in protest. “Emailed TikTok on behalf,” one fan claimed. “It’ll probably be for (nothing), but worth a shot.”


@thisissavvyReply to @amy_maria_lee♬ original sound – Sav!

Savannah herself threw out some theories. “TikTok didn’t ban me,” she said. “There’s something in the design… it was a bunch of petty people (mass-reporting) that had nothing better to do.”

She claimed she feels targeted by those who disagree with her. “This is the ultimate form of bullying,” she exclaimed.

On July 5, her account was officially reinstated.