Why Ninja moving to Mixer is a good thing

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Aug 05, 2019
Ryan Hadji

Former Counter-Logic Gaming CEO Devin Nash believes that everyone can benefit from Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins’ move from Twitch to Mixer – including the platforms. 

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Ninja shocked the streaming world on August 1 by calling time on his eight-year-long relationship with Twitch and heading over to Mixer. The former Halo pro made the announcement through a press conference video where he interviewed himself and revealed that the switch was going to take place. 

Before even going live for the first time on the new platform, he had smashed subscriber records – thanks in part to everyone getting a free first month to sub. 

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Ryan Hadji
Ninja started his life on Mixer with a few days streaming at Lollapalooza

His first few streams, playing Fortnite alongside World Champion Bugha were an undoubted success – despite a few heckles from onlookers. It’s a move that former Counter-Logic Gaming CEO Devin Nash believes will impact everyone for all the right reasons.

Breaking down the move, Nash dove into how it wasn’t a surprise switch – and that Twitch would have known in advance. He also explained how its good for all parties involved – Twitch, Mixer, and Ninja. 

“If Ninja can actually convert a lot of viewers over to Mixer, and then get streamers to start using this platform, it’s a really intelligent move for Mixer,” Nash stated. 

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He also added that Mixer will be in a position to sell adverts against Ninja that will see them recoup a profit against whatever initial outlay they made signing him. 

The ex-CLG CEO believes that Twitch can profit from the move as well. “It will finally force Twitch to compete,” he added, while also citing stats that state that the platform’s overall watch time is declining compared to the growth of competitors. 

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Of course, Ninja himself will profit with monetary gain from the outset, while also potentially reinvigorating his streaming career thanks to making the move.

Nash added that the streamer does not have to focus on streaming, even if he may want to, because his income is guaranteed and he can grow himself elsewhere – making appearances on talk shows and becoming the biggest name attached to Fortnite. 

Ninja’s announcement on the Mixer move shocked everybody – but he might not be alone.
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Since Ninja has moved over to Mixer, no other bigger streamer has followed in his footsteps but it doesn’t seem to be out of the question. H3H3’s Ethan Klein revealed, during a recent podcast, that he knows of top streamers who are considering making the switch as well. 

It remains to be seen if anyone else will follow Ninja to Mixer, or if streamers will stick to Twitch as the platform, perhaps, revamps itself.