Why are the NELK Boys banned on YouTube?

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The NELK Boys revealed in March 2020 that they had received a one-week ban from YouTube but which video was it that landed them in hot water? 

Since it’s launch in 2005, YouTube has been home to pranksters pulling tricks on their friends, family, and even strangers – be it in public or at some sort of staged event. Throughout the years, many pranking channels have risen up, with the NELK Boys taking things to another level.

The content collective, which has managed to amass over four million subscribers, hails from Canada but resides in Los Angeles, California. However, loyal fans might have been surprised to discover that while their YouTube channel is still up, the pranksters have been struck down with a temporary suspension.

NELK, YouTube
NELK have taken their pranks all across the globe.

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They revealed the news on March 20 via a Twitter post, noting that their recent Coronavirus video has gotten them into a little bit of trouble – forcing the boys to take it down. 

“F**king @YouTube banned us for a week from uploading. What a joke,” the group posted on Twitter, with screenshots of their warning – as YouTube claimed the upload violated their harmful and dangerous policy.

NELK also added another screenshot, showing that they had hit with their first community strike meaning that they cannot upload or live stream for a week. Though, the strike will expire after 90 days. 

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It’s not the first case of YouTuber’s getting in trouble due to the current global pandemic, with content creators revealing that they can’t even utter the name of the disease for fear of being demonetized, though some channels are able to monetize videos. 

Of course, they could very well have the content reviewed manually by YouTube, but they can take quite some time – especially right now.

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When is NELK’s YouTube ban over?

The week-long ban, which is set to last until March 29, will see the NELK Boys miss out on their weekly Monday upload, meaning that fans will have to wait for new content.

What they have planned for their return remains to be seen, though, they might have to be a little more careful next time around.

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