Wedding TikTok goes viral after man wears t-shirt & jeans to get married

. 5 months ago
Woman in wedding dress and man in T-shirt
TikTok: violetprice16x

A TikTok showing a groom showing up to his church wedding in a t-shirt and jeans while his wife wears a white wedding gown is going viral, with the comments slamming his outfit choice.

TikTok is known for being a hub of viral content online, and people upload anything from challenges and dances, to comedy and fashion videos, with the possibility of getting millions of views from their content.

People also use it as a place to share important moments from their lives in video form. TikTok user violetprice16x uploaded a now-deleted clip on February 5 of her best friend, Catherine, telling her that “she ain’t gonna fall in love” a few months prior.

This was immediately followed up with images of Catherine on her wedding day, but while she was dressed in a beautiful white wedding gown, her husband was wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Bride and groom holding hands
TikTok: violetprice16x
The now-deleted TikTok sparked controversy thanks to the groom’s unconventional outfit choice.

Commenters immediately started slating the groom’s outfit choice, with some even describing it as a “red flag.”

“You’re telling me he turned up to his wedding in a palm angels shirt,” one commenter with nearly 100,000 likes read, another saying: “Did he not know he was getting married?”

After the flood of backlash about the surprising outfit, the original poster responded with a comment of her own underneath the video.

“For god sake stop she’s married & very happy. She’s not bothered what way he dressed she’s married & that’s all that matters,” she wrote.

TikToker respond to a comment

Despite the update, many viewers still weren’t convinced, with a comment reading, “I get that she’s happy but jeans and shirt to ya wedding?” getting nearly 400 likes.

The bride and groom themselves have yet to respond to the controversy, but the video has now been deleted, after it reached almost two million views.

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