VTuber Isla Colemen reveals her own fans have been doxxing her: “It’s hard to process”

Isla Coleman from Production KawaiiTwitter: Production Kawaii

VTuber Isla Coleman has addressed issues with her own fans ‘doxxing’ her, as viewers allegedly revealed an array of personal information such as her name and address. 

The proliferation of VTubers has become massive for a multitude of reasons in recent months. One of the most enticing aspects being how VTuber avatars allow content creators to maintain anonymity. 

The internet can be a cruel place, especially historically towards female content creators, which is why anonymity is so coveted for many streamers and content creators. However, it seems that a handful of fanatical followers do not see it the same way. 

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VTuber agency Production Kawaii released a statement regarding one of their popular VTubers, Isla Coleman, detailing how they have been doxxed by their own fans. And due to the events, legal action will be taken against the individuals.

“Violating the privacy and safety of others is unacceptable. We condemn such acts and will take strict response” the statement read. Further adding, “as a result of discussions with [a] lawyer, we have decided to take both criminal and civil legal actions.” 

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Isla Coleman also responded to the statement in a Twitlonger of her own, touching on her time as a VTuber for Production Kawaii, her relationship with her fans, and the individuals who doxxed her.

“As a creator, I’m entitled to my personal life and there are things that I am not obligated to share while I am in [Production] Kawaii” she wrote.

“I’m disappointed that these “Coleknights”, whose names and contributions I remember from my chat and community, have been sharing my personal information like it’s a trophy to be proud of, when in reality it has greatly impacted my mental well-being.”

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Isla further commented on the doxxing, and the fact she recognized some of the individuals involved. “It’s hard to process everything,” she explained. “It’s even harder to accept the fact that the people behind this are Coleknights that I know and interact with in chat, Twitter posts, community games, and many more.

“I can’t count how many times I cried during the investigation reading receipts.”

For the time being, it’s unclear just how many viewers are involved, nor how they might be charged through the legal system. However, it’s clear the situation has caused Isla a great deal of otherwise avoidable stress.

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