Viral TikTok star Francis Bourgeois’ true identity apparently revealed

Sam Comrie
An image of Francis Bourgeois from TikTok
TikTok: Francis Bourgeois / Pixabay

TikTok sensation Francis Bourgeois has captured the hearts of viewers with his wholesome train antics, but is there more to Bourgeois’ persona than meets the eye? 

There are plenty of worthwhile trends to explore on TikTok, but one user has captured the attention of viewers like no other in recent weeks.

Taking to the train tracks of the UK, Francis Bourgeois’ trainspotting adventures continues to bring in the views, as his infectious goodwill adds a welcoming touch to his content.

The Brit has quickly become a viral hit across social media, with many questioning if his love of trains is real or just part of an act to have success? Some have even questioned if Francis is his actual name.

An image of Francis Bourgeois from TikTok.
TikTok: Francis Bourgeois
Francis has uploaded a wealth of videos showcasing his trainspotting tales.

What is Francis Bourgeois’ real name?

Details of Francis Bourgeois’ past have remained a mystery, despite the TikToker’s growth in popularity.

Now, following some digging from The Tab, it seems as if Bourgeois’ real name is actually Luke Nicolson. The Tab’s report stemmed from a Companies House document which names Nicolson as the founder of “Francois Bourgeois Limited.”

Additionally, the report uncovered an Instagram account with the same name that has links to the Brothers modeling agency that represents Bourgeois. Despite having other Luke’s on their website, the agency doesn’t have a Luke Nicolson listed, which only adds fuel to the fire.

The name Francis Bourgeois is seemingly borrowed from a court painter who assisted King George III.

The TikToker has proven to be such a hit that he’s started incorporating other famous faces into his posts.

In mid-November, he linked up with football icon Thierry Henry for a chat, which blew the internet’s collective mind

Regardless of what his name actually is, plenty of users still enjoy the content as his videos rake in millions of views.