Viral Grandfather Clock TikTok trend freaks out Stranger Things fans

Alan Bernal
tiktok stranger thingsNetflix / TikTok

A viral TikTok sound is bringing the dread of Stranger Things Season 4 villain, Vecna, to the app with the freaky Grandfather Clock trend, resulting in incredible clips online.

Without getting into Stranger Things spoilers, all you need to know about the show’s grandfather clock chimes is that it signals a potential for very bad things to happen – cue cult horror film callbacks that The Duffer Brothers love to pay homage to.

To avoid getting into the nitty gritty parts of Netflix’s hit show, you simply don’t want to hear those chimes. And if you do, then you best have your iPod on deck nearby.

TikTokers have been having fun with this dynamic and giving their own twists to the formula, applying it to everything from their own bad luck to pranking dear friends and family.

Every new take is a chance to explore different, shuddering apprehensions about life or just revel in the terrifying realization that a supernatural baddie just chose you.

There’s a POV take that marks TikTokers as ‘the victim’ while other people are having just as much fun making their siblings or best friends think they’re next.

Either way, there’s plenty of clips going viral of people getting really creative with how they’d avoid Vecna or how they convince others that the clock chimes for them.

“Imagine going to a silent disco and putting this sound only on one person’s headphones,” one user said. “They’ll be freaking out and asking everyone else if they hear it. Like bruh, you’re the only one.”


If you’re looking to avoid Stranger Things spoilers, then beware, some TikToks go above and beyond the regular comedy skit to include some scenes and bits of Season 4.

Other than that, there’s a ton of freaky spins on the Stranger Things TikTok sound to enjoy with some of them getting quite elaborate.