Mark Hamill is protesting Twitter/X’s like removal in a bizarre way

Dylan Horetski
mark Hamill instagram

Elon Musk’s Twitter/X has removed the ability to see posts liked by users, and Mark Hamill began protesting the change by commenting “like” under hundreds of posts.

On June 12, 2024, Twitter removed the ability for people to see who liked posts on the platform. The company explained that users can still see who liked their own posts, but viewing the likes of random users is no longer possible.

Mark Hamill — famously known for playing Luke Skywalker in Star Wars — quickly took to his account to share his distaste for the change and even started a hashtag “#BringBackLIKES” that quickly went viral on the app.

“I WANT people to know it was me that liked their tweets. Now my only option is to reply & write the word ‘like’,” he said. “How can we get the powers-that-be to STOP ‘improving’ this site?”

Fans rallied alongside Hamill in support, using the hashtag to share their thoughts about the change. Some thought Mark was joking about replying “like” to every post he sees, but were quickly proven wrong as the day went on.

He has since commented the word “like” under hundreds of posts, and it’s getting noticed by many of his 5.1M followers.

“Mark Hamill definitely has better things to do with his time than this, Elon Musk,” said one user alongside a screenshot of Hamill’s many posts.

He responded, stating that he was “already exhausted” after spending just one day protesting the change.

“Agreed. It’s only been one day & I’m already exhausted,” he said.

Hamill also reacted to Twitter’s GrokAI summarization of his trending posts, which read: “Mark Hamill has been responding to posts on X by writing ‘like’ in the comments, a playful gesture that has garnered attention and appreciation from users who view it as a positive and humorous reaction to the platforms modifications.”

Users shared their appreciation for Mark’s “trend” in the replies to this tweet.

“Finally, a trend that I like,” one user commented.

Another asked: “Anyone else hear the Joker’s giggle laugh after each ‘like’?”