IRL Twitch streamer accidentally comes up with creative way to show off her cleavage

by Virginia Glaze


Twitch is one of the internet’s leading livestreaming platforms, delivering viewers a near-constant flood of hilarious and unexpected moments that occur in real-time - as well as some NSFW content, as seen in one IRL streamer’s June 15 broadcast.

While Twitch has seen a slew of R-rated moments in its lifetime, from accidental nip-slips to bodypainting mishaps and even livestreamed porn, some streamers know how to toe the line - although some receive unwarranted criticism for their clothing choices (or lack thereof).

‘Kandyland’ is one such streamer, who found a creative way to show off her cleavage during an IRL broadcast on June 15 - although whether or not she was actually aware of the matter remains to be seen.

Kandylul, Instagram
Kandylul, Instagram
Kandyland stirred controversy online, after a tricky camera angle showed off her cleavage during a stream.


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Here, have some kandy! 😍😘🥰

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Kandyland was streaming her walk around a pond when she held up her phone, showing off her reflective sunglasses.

That wasn’t the only show viewers were getting, however; Kandyland’s camera angle also showed her cleavage reflected in her glasses, with some chat members claiming that she “didn’t know” about the view.

This wouldn’t be the first time a Twitch streamer has given fans a major view, whether they were aware of it or not: popular Twitch personality Alinity Divine likewise gave viewers a gratuitous look at her cleavage while adjusting her Kinect.

As the Kinect sits on top of computer and TV monitors, Alinity had to stand up and bend over her camera to fix the device, resulting in a nearly minute-long direct view of her decolletage.

Alinity herself seemed to be embarrassed after trying to adjust the Kinect, laughingly claiming that she was “never doing that shit again.”

Of course, that wasn’t Alinity’s only slipup on the platform, by far - she likewise took a NSFW selfie of her rear end during a stream in early March, which stirred controversy around the net, as she didn’t receive a ban for what some deemed to be a breach of Twitch’s community guidelines.

Due to Twitch’s wide and varied user base, there is no shortage of hilarious an unexpected moments on the site, as seen in Kandyland’s accidental camera angle, among other such instances.