UFC fighter dares Bradley Martyn to accept street fight challenge: “I would kill you”

Bradley Martyn's Raw TalkYT: Bradley Martyn's Raw Talk

UFC middleweight contender Sean Strickland has issued a stark warning to social media influencer Bradley Martyn, who has been challenging professional fighters to street fights.

Martyn, the social media influencer and bodybuilder, has been making waves with his audacious claims that he could defeat professional fighters in a street fight. This time, Strickland has stepped up to the plate, issuing a chilling warning to Martyn.

Strickland, who is set to fight for the UFC Middleweight Championship on September 9, was recently asked about his chances in a street fight against the 260-pound Martyn.

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In an interview with Nina-Marie Daniele, Strickland didn’t mince words: “Who the f*** is Bradley Martyn? I don’t know this Bradley Martyn, but if you’re here right now and I can get away with it… I would take your f***ing life. I would kill you. I would put my gun down and would f***ing take your f***ing life.”

Strickland went on to add, “Nina gave me a little backstory… that you challenge people. Motherf***er, I’m in Vegas, you show the f*** up, you little b**ch. Sign a waiver and we will see how many bones we can break in your f***ing face.”

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“If he was right here and he was like, ‘Sean, I think I can beat you in a street fight,’ I would get up. I would put my gun down, and I’d backhand him like the little b**ch he is,” Strickland concluded.

Strickland is not the first to take issue with Martyn’s bold claims. Jake Paul, who most recently defeated former UFC contender Nate Diaz, offered Martyn a seven-figure sum to fight Mike Perry.

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Demetrious Johnson, one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time, also expressed interest in fighting Martyn, who has been notorious for leveraging his size advantage in these hypothetical matchups.

Unsurprisingly, combat sports fans are skeptical of Martyn’s chances against professional fighters. Joe Rogan, the outspoken commentator, summed it up succinctly: “Bradley Martyn has no chance… He has no chance. Zero chance. He’s 100% going to get choked out.”

Whether or not Martyn will ever step into the cage—or the street—to prove his claims remains to be seen.

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