Tyler1 exposes viewer "spamming" their Twitch channel in his chat - Dexerto

Tyler1 exposes viewer “spamming” their Twitch channel in his chat

Published: 22/Feb/2020 13:36

by Daniel Cleary


Popular League of Legends streamer Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp exposed one of his viewers after noticing that they were promoting their own Twitch channel in his chat.

Tyler1 has garnered a huge following on his channel with over 3 million followers, making him one of the biggest streamers on Amazon’s broadcasting platform.

However, not everyone has managed to reach the same level of success as Tyler, and when he noticed one of his viewers was trying to take advantage of his audience, he was quick to call it out.

loltyler1, Twitch
Tyler1 was quick to shut down a viewer for ‘self-promoting’ in his Twitch chat.

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While queuing for a League of Legends ranked match on February 21, the streamer caught one of his viewers promoting their own channel in his chat.


Although many streamers would be quick to punish viewers for ‘self-promoting’, Tyler1 decided to feed into it a little and opened up the viewer’s stream for everyone to see.

“So this guy in my chat spammed, ‘starting my stream show my new stream some support,’ Tyler1 read out, before exposing his viewer.

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“He can’t figure out how to get the client captured,” Tyler revealed, highlighting the stream’s black screen before offering the viewer some witty advice.

“Maybe get your stream set up first and then start advertising in other channels,” he slyly added, roasting the newbie streamer.


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“Probably figure that out and then start advertising”, the LoL streamer continued, “because if I click your name and then I come to this I’m just going to leave right away.”

Despite the viewer’s initial lack of content, the new streamer did manage to get some followers thanks Tyler1’s roast, although it might not have been worth it.

It could have been worse though, as most streamers would simply ban them for self-promotion and carry on about their day. It’s common Twitch etiquette not to plug your stream in another chat.