Twitter suspends man after sharing Pokemon Game Boy collection

Twitter Logo beside cant die pokemon collectionTwitter/Twitter: Cantdie_

A man on Twitter says that the platform suspended him for 12 hours after sharing a picture of his Pokemon collection, stating that he was “promoting or encouraging self-harm.”

Since Pokemon launched its video game series in 1996, millions of fans have taken to collecting the popular games and other Pokemon-related items — often finding happiness in what they’ve acquired.

It’s so popular in fact, that people from around the world use social media platforms to share pictures of what they’ve acquired throughout the years.

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Twitter user Cantdie, however, says sharing a picture of his Pokemon Game Boy collection led to him getting suspended for 12 hours with the app claiming he “promoted self-harm.”

Man claims Twitter suspended him after sharing Pokemon picture

In a post on May 16, Cantdie — whose first name is Joel — returned from his Twitter suspension to reveal what actually happened to his account.

The user showed a screenshot of Twitter saying he violated rules against “promoting or encouraging suicide or self-harm.”

According to Joel, however, he was simply sharing a photo of his Pokemon collection when he was banned.

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Speaking with Dexerto, Joel revealed that he was posting about his new Nintendo 3DS when one of his followers mentioned how much her son would enjoy the content.

“I [replied] with a pic of my Pokemon [and] handheld collection and got banned,” he explained.

“My main concern is that the automation service is obviously very broken. The fact that I got flagged for promoting self-harm/suicide when I posted a picture of a children’s game is eye-opening.”

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Luckily for Joel, his account has been reinstated, but it’s clear that he’s not exactly happy with the platform’s moderation.

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