Twitch streamers terrified after setting off a smoke grenade indoors

Twitch streamer holds smoke grenade with shocked faceTwitch: PayMoneyWubby

Twitch streamers PayMoneyWubby and Alluux caused absolute chaos after they triggered a smoke grenade to go off indoors, filling the room with orange smoke and causing the pair to pause the stream.

PaymoneyWubby a.k.a. Dennis Richardson is a streamer with around 400,000 followers on Twitch, and Alluux a.k.a. Alex has just over 20,000 on the platform.

The pair regularly make some entertaining and sometimes bizarre content, and this section of the stream certainly fit into both categories after Dennis decided to surprise Alex with a smoke grenade.

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PayMoneyWubby in a YouTube videoYouTube: PayMoneyWubby
PayMoneyWubby has around 400k followers on Twitch and over 1 million over on YouTube.

He asked her to hold her hand out and close her eyes, but it took a while for her to cooperate after he said that what he will put in her hand “might scare her,” with Alex totally unaware of what was coming.

Smoke grenades are canister-type grenades that are filled with brightly colored smoke and are often used as a signaling device – however, they have also become a popular prop for photographers as a way of adding special effects in real life.

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Smoke grenade causes chaos live on stream

Dennis placed the device in Alex’s hand after counting down and immediately triggered it, which prompted plumes of orange smoke to spill from her hand. She immediately started screaming once she heard the noise, and was even more shocked when she opened her eyes to see the bright orange.

Dennis began screaming “Alex get it out of the house, get it out of the house!” at which point the two streamers escaped the orange-filled room, bringing the grenade with them.

While the pair are off-screen screaming and coughing could be heard, and it wasn’t long before all of their smoke detectors started emitting a piercing beep, just adding to the chaos of the situation.

They paused the stream for about 15 minutes, and when they returned they were wearing masks – though the room was thankfully no longer orange.

They explained to viewers that their house was well ventilated so it didn’t cause too many issues, and they had a great time watching the chaos-filled clip back with Alex’s brilliant facial expressions.

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