Twitch streamer’s PC building stream ends in firey disaster

A Twitch streamer thought it would be a good idea to stream themselves building their new PC. While always a popular viewing experience on the platform, the broadcast didn’t go a to plan at all as their new rig went up in smoke.

PC building can be a daunting task for the inexperienced, and doing it in front of a live audience will no doubt heighten the tension of something possibly going badly wrong.

Having viewers on hand in a Twitch chat could also prove beneficial however, providing tips and pointers to avoid it all going wrong.

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When 21-year-old streamer Fastaction99 took his first-ever PC build to Twitch, even having some viewers to point him in the right direction couldn’t save him from his firey disaster.

In addition to his viewers, Fastaction also had some friends in Discord who were experienced builders to help him through his first time.

For the first two hours of his stream all appeared to be going well, but as he stood the case up and attempted to get the system to post, the moment of truth came. Within seconds of pressing the power button, smoke puffed furiously out of the system, shocking the streamer.

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In what is every PC builder’s worst nightmare, something had clearly gone very wrong in the build process to cause such instant overheating.

Initially, it was unclear what the root of the problem was, meaning it could have been some of the most expensive components, such as the CPU or GPU that was the issue.

Thankfully, it appears that the only real damage was to some of the PC’s fans but, to be sure, the streamer was taking the whole build to Microcenter to have it checked out by an expert.

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Hopefully no major parts were damaged, as they could prove costly to replace. One of the dangers of building your own PC is that you may not have any warranty to fall back on if something goes wrong.

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Thankfully the streamer wasn’t hurt, and it’s a valuable learning experience at the very least. It’s also helped bring some more attention to his Twitch channel, with the moment the PC went up in smoke now going viral around Reddit and social media, so it’s not all bad.