Twitch streamer’s PC annihilated after exploding watermelon challenge ends in disaster

Meowko watermelonTwitch: Meowko

After placing multiple rubber bands on a watermelon, Japanese variety streamer Meowko’s Twitch stream ended abruptly when the watermelon exploded.

During a livestream, variety streamer ‘Meowko’ spent her broadcast talking with chat, while adding rubber band after rubber band onto a watermelon. The tension in the fruit increased ever so slightly with each rubber band, setting the stream up for an explosive finish.

For those unaware, there’s an internet trend where people use rubber bands to break watermelons. One rubber band barely has any tension, but when stacked with hundreds of rubber bands, they generate enough force to crush the watermelon and send it flying.

While setting up for the watermelon trend, she dismissed concerns. “I don’t think it’ll be that explosive,” she said, expressing skepticism over the trend. Despite stating this, she placed saran wrap over her PC set up in an effort to protect it from the splash damage. Little did she know, however, that saran wrap wouldn’t be enough.

Meowko watermelonYouTube: Meowko
Meowko didn’t expect the big explosion

The watermelon explosion

She bgan the watermelon trend, adding one after another for over an hour. The streamer managed to stack over 220 rubber bands onto the fruit, before the watermelon began to bend, with juices flowing out of its rind.

“My hand is so tired. It’s super super tired,” she complained while placing the last rubber band.

Suddenly, the watermelon exploded causing Meowko to scream, caught completely off guard by the loud explosion. Amazingly, her scream was cut off right as the stream ended. On Twitter, she revealed that the explosion even killed her PC.

Be careful when doing internet trends and challenges, you never know what’ll happen. This sentiment rings especially true when the challenge has you purposefully exploding a watermelon.